Schlagwerk Voermans stands for sophisticated percussion music with great entertainment value. The two professional musicians Maren and Mark Voermans are masters of innumerable percussion instruments. They use everything from the smallest rattle to the largest marimbaphone to create a spectacular sound universe. Classic, contemporary, popular - nothing is safe from the extraordinary instruments of the Voermans, not even the toy box of their three children. This creates imaginative concert programs that combine tradition and modernity at the highest artistic level.

Mark Voermans is solo timpanist at the Konzerthaus-Orchester Berlin. He plays as a percussionist and timpanist in renowned orchestras, performs as a soloist and with various chamber music ensembles.

Maren Voermans works as a percussionist and music teacher in Berlin. In addition, she offers mental training and performance coaching for musicians. Maren and Mark are married and have three children.


June 16, 2019: concert at the Open Day at Konzerthaus Berlin 0



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